Jef Johnson & Johnny Melville’s clown intensives 2020

After the successful Spanish workshop in 2019, Jef Johnson and Johnny Melville are united again to take on – not just one – but TWO 7-day intensives in 2020.

We invite to step into the new decade for a learning experience you just won’t forget. Cali it what you will – a holiday, a retreat, an advance, an inner quest, a clown encounter in nature – it will by all means be all of these and a guaranteed to be INTENSIVE.

We are offering two 7 day intensives in Spain and Bulgaria each workshop for the price of only 750 euros, including 50 hours scheduled workshops, accommodation and three meals a day plus discussions, jams, meditations and relaxed options for exchange and life fulfilment. A final performance of some kind will serve as highlight and closure of the week long fun.

It is an experience from the time you leave as just to get to the workshop will be a travel experience in itself ! Both are in country and well away from city noise and distraction. Internet exists yes.

Our mission is to inspire each person with energy, advice, healing, coaching, exercises, fun and performance to not only further the individual but also the creative powers to help realise her/his personal dreams.

Last years group of 16 that convened at ARTmósfera – Residencia Artística Rural from all over the world (USA, Canada, UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain) have through the year kept constant contact on social media and more, having shared some very special moments together at the last workshop. All tend to follow both Jef and Johnny’s activities too.

EVENT 1 – May 23-30

At ARTmósfera – Residencia Artística Rural, Grañen, (near Zaragoza) Spain

ARTmosfera Residence Cultural

The first Jef and Johnny Intensive took place in April 2019 here in Spain and we are more than happy to return again for a second time . Last year we had some freak cold, windy weather for some days so to assure we have warm sunny weather – much more convivial for bodywork and all around general good vibes – we have set the date for the end of May.

Grañen, the local village, has a train station with lines from Lleida and Zaragoza. International arrivals can be at either Barcelona or Madrid, then by train to Grañen. There is also a bus which goes to Huesca and car service online called BLABLA car….

Berta and Nacho also do their best to cater for people’s ultimate pleasure, whether it be great food, comfort, music and special happenings around the area. Berta speaks fluent Spanish, German, English, Nacho Spanish and English. The cat tribe living there will also be ready to give and receive tactile comforts.

Watch this blog for workshop themes and goals in the next weeks.

We are expecting a lot more this year so please remember places are limited !!! Here is information for any questions below

Register here !!!!

Artmosfera Arts Residence, A-1214, 22260 Grañén, Aragon, Spain Teléfonos/Whatsapp:
+34 610 961 292 (Berta)
+34 651 469 846 (Nacho)

Nacho, Johnny, jef and Berta

EVENT 2 – August 23 – 30

At Greengates Shelter (Animal Rescue Clinic), Idilevo, Bulgaria

Idilevo with some Greengates Shelter residents

Tamara Artmann from Greengates Shelter traveled to Spain from Bulgaria in 2019 and was so blown away by the course she suddenly suggested organising the same at her adopted village home in Bulgaria. A qualified vet, she has organised her Mother to come from Germany to cook, and the local Motocamp Bulgaria to satisfy the accommodation needs. it will be the first time for both Jef and myself to visit Bulgaria and we are both looking forward to a great week.

There are two airports. SOFIA and VARNA. Sofia is 180 kilometres away and connection is by bus (10 euros) or taxi which could be shared by 4 /5 people (80 euros). Varna is further at 280 kilometres, but is around 25 euros.

On the left Tamara Artmann the clowning animal doctor.

Bookings will start in March for this event so please keep your eyes on this blog. For more information you can leave a comment/question for me below.

I highly recommend these two intensives, Jef Johnson and Johnny Melville have decades of experience of performance and of teaching, directing and guiding groups through various levels of awareness and clown.

These two will be fun, inspiring and a perfect way to get a break from the ‘news’, city life and boring routines. Come and play, jam and share your creative outlets with us! Both events are open for performers, professional and amateur, teachers, dancers, acrobats, singers, young and old, and in fact anyone who wants to discover hidden/ develop known talents by expanding their beings with clown as a creative tool.

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