Johnny Melville – actor  – singer/song-writer – directorwriterclownbloggercomedian – healer.

In 2022 Johnny Melville celebrates 48 years in the professional performing arts.

I have been performing, directing and teaching professionally since 1973 starting in the UK first then gradually across Europe and the Americas and then further afield across this flat earth.  Only once though did I get near to the Ice wall when I visited to Punta Arenas at the South of Chile.

You are welcome to browse the various skills and talents I have on show from my diverse career. I am still at it in more ways than one too. Now I have NFTs to my list…

But my life as an actor has been amazing. It is not quite what I thought it would be or where it might go but I have had fantastic adventures and escapades, seen so many unbelievable places, made love with fabulous women, have an amazing son, Cyron Melville and three fabulous grand-daughters and played to audiences at times of thousands of people, and met and worked with angels, warriors and heroes in every country imaginable. I am filled with gratitude and blessed by all those  experiences that the Creator has placed in my path me to connect with. And my wife Carolina Feliu.

BUT… this web-page is not a museum as I am still very much alive, kicking and ready to perform anywhere you might want me to…!  Whether it be film, theatre, concert-hall or on the internet.

Here are some compliments that have been said to and about me at various times through the last 49 years from some wonderful performing artists and actors: all bona fide and real.


You have such a nice ass

NATASIA ROBINSON English performing artist,  2022


Un increíbile descrubemiento !          

ALEX DE IGLESIA Spanish film director, 2019


A man of many talents: he is absolutely brilliant. 

DIETER MEIER  Film & music producer / Yello founder & vocalist, 1993


Watching him is to see Robert Duval & Stan Laurel & Jimmy Boyle & Fred Astaire in a film by De Sica.

NIGEL TERRY actor/ star of EXCALIBUR, 1990


He’s wacky & wild & gorgeous!

BERNICE STEGERS actress/ star of Fellini’s CITTA DE DONNI, 1986


He’s great…..!

SHELLEY DUVAL actress /star of THE SHINING, 1981


A high-powered all-action comedy machine.

XAVIER HOLLANDER  author of book The Happy Hooker, 1985


A great job he did for us too!

RIFT FOURNIER, US writer / producer, 1994 


He’s the meat and the motion!

DANA GILLESPIE  Blues Diva / composer, 1998


Fantastic show – his speed of character changes are incredible!

SIR JAMES GALWAY  concert flautist, 1985


Johnny Melville flew the flag with his very funny punk-mime show – honestly it was GOOD!

MICHAEL COVENEY, UK theatre critic, 1983


Johnny has extraordinary movement, improvisational and singing skills. He’s in a league by himself in these areas……..the physical endurance of an athlete & the spiritual presence of one who follows a serious path plus the unbridled sense of humor of a crazed court jester all of which Johnny fulfils in spades.

MATT MITLER theatre / movie director, 1987 


A clown is the greatest actor in the world : from the dramatic to the absurd & from hilarity to pathos. When one reaches clown in its pure sense he can entertain anyone anywhere. Clowns are the gods of comedy: Johnny Melville is a clown

JANGO EDWARDS  international clown, 1999


He is the best !!! 

PETER SHUB award-winning mime, 2005

A comedian with God’s grace!

Berlingske Tidningen, Denmark, 1991


You just have to love him…

Frankfurter Neue Presse, Germany, 1984


Melville is one of those mimes who breaks the tradition of the genre.

El Pais, Spain, 1984


Images that remind us of movies: frame by frame with close ups & zoom effects even angry changes of perspective all mimed with sinister perfection & virtuosity.

Tages Anzeiger, Zurich, 1981


Johnny Melville is a winner actor.

Aarhus Stiftidende, Denmark, 1987


A great little guy!

La Depêche, France, 1993


Comic superman!

Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland, 1983


The funniest man in the world…

Danish Radio, 1987