Film is the ultimate expression of the art forms. Genres, visuals, music, text, drama, comedy, animation and more recently 360 and virtual reality effects.

If things had been a bit different I would have been a film maker already as a young man. In 1971 I was down to the last 6 applicants for the British National Film School. I didnt make the last exams well enough so I was sent home. Instead of being smart and waiting and planning for the next year’s entry I just assumed I wasn’t good enough and gave up!

That wouldnt have happened in these days as coaching has taken care of that kind of mistake. Yes in those days I lacked so much confidence and didnt even consider there might be another chance… so I turned my focus to acting. Three years later I was clowning in London….not at all my intention !

My first movie coincided with my first leading film role. Lungo Il Fiume by Vana Paoli. Since then I have played in quite a few features, loads of short and directed some different short films too.

See below my updated 2019 show reel !!!