Johnny’s Actor – NFT Gallery.

NFTs are all the rage. I thought I have to try this as well anyway as I am a big fan of blockchain and the whole crypto movement. I still don’t really get it all on a technical level (does anyone really?) but at least on the energetic and visual side of it all I can appreciate the possibilities. Artistic recognition. Individual rights. Economic value and even more than ‘value’, depending the sell.

My idea is to feature some of my photography while although technically shaky, I regard myself with a flair and wit in my style. Some examples of my work is here on . The other element I would like to include is the world of physical actor, especially from my work in clown and from my series of one-man-shows: not only as a visual experience, but also musical and filmic.

For this who do not know about the NFT phenomenon it is possible to place on the blockchain any image, sound or mix of the two, creating a unique form of ownership for artists. So many plagiarisms have existed through history and the perpetrators – more often than not – got away with it ( however Joe Biden was caught out SO many times throughout his lifetime )….political speeches, romantic songs, paintings and etchings so much personal expression abused by the lazy and wolfish until this NFT thing came along.

And right bang on track parallel with the payment method which sponsors the art. Right now Ethereum is the payment channel by default but word has it in the crypto-market that soon a cheaper, maybe even easier route by courtesy of the new initiative designed to grow the KADENA ecosystem with what will be called the Marmalade chain. Marmalade offers 100% on-chain transactions, high-quality provenance, low gas fees, and shared ownership that can span platforms. Many artists are waiting patiently for that to happen as the rush surely will follow if the transactions get cheaper and faster with Kadena’s novel blockchain design which it calls ‘Braided Chain.

So let’s see what will happen with my journey into NFT which feels like fun, an adventure and a chance to make some expression of my feelings, desires and aesthetics.Below here are some examples of NFTs- some are already minted, some still stuck in the blockchain mindset.

Let me know if you like them and any suggestion is very much appreciated!!!

Reflex -50 shades of self
Reflex -The Darkness of self

Reflex -The Integration of Innerstanding of self
Reflex -The Integration of light into self
Reflex -The Life-blood of selfReflex – the blood line of selfReflex –The separation of selfReflex -The Simulation of self