I began my professional career at the end of 1972. Since then I have been performing, directing, writing, teaching and creating continually in the Thespian arts.

I  intend to blog a series of memories and moments through my illustrious career. For now here is a rough resumé – under this menu you can find pages representing my history separated into decades of work, travel and love,

I feel this section is important for all those who want to know more about the pre-electronomic period when theatre thrived as a kind of new service, fantasy inspiration and general art form that changed so much after the arrival of video and the cut-off- contact-headphone-technology.

I was born in 1948 in Leith, the port of Edinburgh. I was blue and not breathing, The Doctor who brought me into the world smacked me to make me breathe, So I was born with violence…truly Scottish! I was and am an only child which for sure had a great effect on how I grew up. My parents were married right after the war, my Mother suffered through her marriage to my Dad who I suppose suffered too in his own way. My Mother also told me once that I was an accident, which I believe was true and my Father ensured he would have no more children anyway. Maybe I was too much for them !

I lacked strong female energy in my youth. Lacked the presence of girls through my entire childhood more or less and then into my teens. Only after having arrived at University did I discover the race of womenkind. What a joy it was to suddenly have friends with these beings I had little connection with.

So in a way my life began at University in 1966….