The Warriors of light (Melville/Hogendorp)

No man’s land) (Melville/Hogendorp)

Feel You Real Strong (Melville/Hogendorp)

Fourth Dimensional crime (Melville/Hogendorp)

Try to Aspire (Melville/Hogendorp)

The Nightmare rap (Melville/Hogendorp)

Be what you are (Melville/Hogendorp)

Beyond my Control (Melville/Hogendorp)

Turncoat (Melville/Hogendorp – sung by Arjen)

Rescue, recover and mend (Melville/Hogendorp)

Songs from Shows

DIRTY MONEY – The Album (1987)

Hunt the Lady (Melville/Ranghino)

Dirty Money (Melville/ Ranghino/ Saveriano/ Zucchetti)

Smokey’s Lament (Melville/Hogendorp)

Immunity (Melville/ Ranghino/ Saveriano/ Zucchetti)

Smokey’s Lament (Melville/ Ranghino/ Saveriano/ Zucchetti)

Interrogation / The Terrorists (Melville/ Zucchetti)

Dieses manoevre ist fur ihre sicherheit (Melville/Ranghino)

Through the Fire (Melville/ Zucchetti)

Without You (Melville/ Ranghino)


Troubleshooter (Melville/Friedman)

Members Only

Members Only (Melville/Friedman)

Lucky (Melville/Friedman)


Street Life (Melville/ Henriko/Davis)

You must have a number (Melville/ Henriko)

Suicide Cult (Melville/ Henriko/Davis)

I’d rather be a Fool (Melville/ Henriko)

Miscellaneous Recordings

I don’t got you (Melville/Hogendorp)

Second-best romance (Melville/Hogendorp)

I can see stars again (Melville/ Sbaratto)

Miss Andrews (Melville/ Sbaratto)

Your things (Melville/Lundquvist)

Fit iin the Rules (Melville/ Sbaratto)

You (Melville/Friedman)

Two steps forward, three steps back (Melville/Friedman)

Thinking of you (Melville/Friedman)

Tsunami Wave (Melville/Lundquvist)

Flying High (Melville/Sbaratto)

Since she’s gone (Melville/ Friedman)

Boris The Dragon Project (in process)

Boris’s Blues (Melville / Hogendorp)

Unlucky in Love (Melville/Hogendorp)

Don’t wanna be cuddly (Melville/Hogendorp)

Long to belong (Melville/Hogendorp – sung by Tina Grace)

My first regret (Melville/Hogendorp – sung by Tina Grace)

You can get so low (Melville/Hogendorp – sung by Tina Grace)

Use your wisdom well (demo) (Melville/Hogendorp – sung by Ina Mueller)

Shy guy (Melville/Hogendorp – sung by Tina Grace)

Live shows

Dieses Manoevre ist fur Ihre Sicherheit (*LIVE) (Melville/Ranghino)

Smokey’s Lament (Melville/Ranghino)

Bank on banking (Melville/ Bendahan)

The End of the World (Melville/Sbaratto)

You (Melville/Friedman)

Improv Blues (Melville/Ranghino)

I found Jesus in my spew (Melville/Sbaratto)

All of me (Marks/Simonds)

Queen Bee (Germany)

Back to you (Melville/Mueller)

Sky of Blue (DK) 2013

How come (Melville/Sorensen)

Eat, sleep, drink & make love (Melville/Lundquvist)

Transit (Melville/Sorensen)

Boris’s Blues (Melville/Hogendorp)

Backtracker (short film) 2002

Backtracker (Melville/Johannsen- sung by Alex Guinness)

Lungo Il Fiume (Movie) 1992

Fit in the Rules (Melville/Sbaratto)

Without you (Melville/Ranghino)

Live radio

Time Capsule Live (Melville/Freijd)

Little yellow car (Melville/ Balfour)

Demo recordings

Stockholm Moon (Melville/ Lundquvist)

Oh Francesca (Melville/ Lundquvist))

Candy (Melville/ Lundquvist)

Delux love (Melville/ Lundquvist)

You’re crowdin’ me (Melville/Araiza)

Touchy (Melville/Araiza)

Wild Child (Melville/Araiza)

Your kiss is like a limo (Melville/Araiza)