Over the years quite a number of now successful students have passed through my courses, some at length for around 5 years or so. Here are a list of some of those together with some real testimonials….

  • The best clown teacher I ever had!  Leandre(Catalan clown)
  • A holistic, electrifying workshop experience   Mareike Franz (ex-Pina Bausch dancer/clown)
  • No os pude dar las gracias, como me hubiese gustado, por todo lo recibido en el curso. Me gustó muchísimo vuestra pasión, energía, escucha al grupo, todos los juegos eran muy interesantes y momentos de los que no me olvidaré nunca. Bea Larrañaga(actress, Pais Basquo, Spain)
  • I find the work on Johnny Melville’s workshop really mind-opening – doing it in the most simple way that forces you, if you agree to it, to just “get it”. What I liked the most was when I recognized the sentence inside of me “This is impossible!” but not daring to say it out loud, and then moments after I succeeded in what “was” impossible. This showed me what clown is constantly doing, and it was beautiful! I love the physicality of the workshop! Nikolina Majdak(actress/ clown from Croatia)
  • ***...ort daarna begon ik op de clownsschool en daar leerde in Johnny Melville kennen….Johnny mij de overtreffende trap. Johnny’s lessen gingen over intuitie en impuls herkennen en volgen, werkelijk verbinden met en vertrouwen op jezelf én anderen, grenzen verkennen en verleggen, de lat hoog leggen, écht en helemaal aanwezig, je aandacht richten en dat alles speels, luchtig en fris.  Op zoek naar foto’s bij dit verhaal kwam ik deze collage tegen van een act die we in 2002 met de ‘Johnny’s Action Brigade’ op Oerol mochten spelen. Thanks Johnny, for being who you are and learning me to do the same. 
  • (***  translationJohnny’s classes were about recognizing and following intuition and impulse, truly connecting with and relying on yourself and others, exploring and pushing boundaries, setting the limits high, being totally present to focus your attention in fresh artistic playfulness.  I found this in practice when we were allowed to play with JAB – Johnny’s action brigade – on Oerol Festival in 2002 Thanks Johnny, for being who you are and learning me to do the same.   Maretty van den Mosselaar (Dutch clown)  

 Past Students

Merche Ochoa, Clown Leandre, Karina K, Chris Lynham, Laura Mandarina Muñoz, Camilo Clown, Loco Brusca, Alex Navarro, Caroline Dream, El Caspar, Sue Moreno, Ale Risorio, Mareike Franz, Potencia clown, Galatay and many many more.