Why you should invest in my feature film.

I am in the process of finishing a script which could be shot in Catalonia a couple of years from this date of writing. This is a call for action from investors, technicians, actors and artists to be involved.


About 4 years ago I led a workshop in the small town of VALS near Tarragonna. There were about 12 people involved and the idea was to shoot a short film which I would write and then lead the workshop for the participants to perform in.

My idea was to make a film as a group entity under my leadership.

The project turned out to be a long process for me for many reasons but in the end I managed to make a 20 minute period-piece short film all for a budget under €2,000.

The money for this short film was raised by organizing two cabarets in the neighbouring town Reus, from each student a small fee as part of the students’ course and then by adding and paying for certain things outof my pocket.

The project itself included about 30 people for about 4 days, plus anotther 7 days with a smaller cast.

With the generous help and thriftiness of a nearby vegetarian collective and the genius plannning of our chef-actress Thais (a member of the collective) we managed to feed the entire crew and cast for less than a 1 euro a day!

And it was real wholesome-style brown rice/quinoa etc with all organic vegetables and breads… (way so much better than any film shoot I have been on – anywhere….)

The Future Feature Project

The story of this feature project follows the same theme as the short -based on the Catalan version of Saint George and the Dragon. A comic version with social and political intrigue.

Those who have enjoyed my short Bitxos y Roses of course have noticed similarities to the well known Monty Python movie about the Holy Grail.

Despite the fact that Monty Python and the Holy Grail has a high rating in IMDB.com (8.3), I still believe that film’s absurd comic genius lacks a story of substance to make it a great movie.

For the short we managed to borrow some costumes for the King and Queen, fancy characters like the Ladies-in-waiting and the Cardinal all from the local Reus theatre.

Props were in abundance since the entire location-zone of Southern Catalonia is full of artists and artesans with many a medieval reference. Indeed some of the medieval villages that still exist are perfect to use as a backdrop.

For this feature I would be happy to return to shoot scenes at Siurana and Albarca but would add locations in and around Barcelona, the tiny villages between Girona and Figueres and the stunning countryside of Montserrat.

My plan is to raise money with the cast and crew as co-producers. A minimum sum of €500 each will enlist them into the movie as co-producer-actors.

With 10 actors paying, this would bring €5000 immediately into production. The main elements in the crew could bring in €2500 more.

One thing is sure – when the script is ready and the money starts to appear, more money will arrive from varied sources, even before any potential crowdfunding might be be have to undertaken. All this investment would mean the original investments would be returned to the participants before any % of profits would be paid out when the film starts to make money.

Then wwith the film ready and sold the original investments would be paid back to all the producers first, then their minimum pay for the days they worked and then a relevant % of the profits on top for each and every one.

I noticed the energy and drive that grew during the short. That group knew nothing about movie making, no one had had the chance to experience it. No idea how a film-set functions. But after a couple of days we were working as a tight unit with everyone understanding the importance of the off-camera roles, the need for a good attitude and commitment of the moment. Where there is a will…

in addition Idealistic perhaps. Absolutely… but my belief is when someone owns some part of a product it is very much in their interest to go beyond the limits and rules to achieve the ultimate outcome and ensure that sense of satisfaction which is often lacking for many a worker.

Pre-production and post-production would like everybody also have to invest to take part.

As director my job will be to not only ensure the drama of the scene, design etc but to also allow the actors to create moments of their own comedy as the characters, indeed maybe whole scenes since the kind of the performers I have in mind have the ability to do that. I myself will play the non-speaking jester role as I did in the short.

My target actors include many of the best performers in Barcelona and its environs – Catalans, Spanish and Central/South Americans, English, French, Italians – there is a lot of acting and circus talent in the fringe scene that is not given much opportunity to show themselves in the typically closed circle of movie making – including notably master comic-actors Sergi Lopez, Toni Alba, El Caspar and a bunch of excellent actresses to choose from.

you So I am appealing to the reader and to all followers of my blog to TAKE ACTION – I am asking for donations so that any donor becomes a producer and depending casting and crew hiring maybe they could qualify as one of them too.

My aim is to not only make the funniest film ever in Catalonia but also in Spain. Leave me a messsage below and I shall give you my IBAn and discuss the roles you might want to help with. Or you can just invest too!

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