The Festival of Fools lives Again

Nouveau Clown Institute presents SHIP OF FOOLS Intensive teaching course and coincides with the Festival of Fools !!!

Look at this star studded teachers list !!! Jango Edwards and Johnny Melville are presenting and producing the Rolls-Royce of Intensive Clown Courses in September 2022 !!!

Jango and Johnny pioneers of the original Festival of Fools in Amsterdam have selected star teachers NOLA RAE, LEO BASSI, SLAVA POLUNIN, TORTELL POLTRONA and a host of top professional performers & teachers which will coincide with the FESTIVAL OF FOOLS 2022.

Teaching schedule subject to change, depending artist availability.

MIchael Evans update on Commedia del Arte with Johnny Melville as Pierrot, Jango Edwards as Arlechino

Top teachers Jango and Johnny have joined forces in N.C.I. to bring not only a high quality intensive workshop to Europe – not-to-be-missed – but also a revival of the Festival of Fools which will run parallel to each other – September / October 2022.

Please note the teaching-schedule above may be subject to change within the next months…

Yo register and/or pay please go here to the N.C.I. website!

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