Clowns – do you dare to come to the workshop of the year?


Workshop description

The Clown as an activist- healer, mystic traveler, modern shaman and vagabond of unconditional love.We invite you to take on this fantastic opportunity for a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

An intensive workshop in clown and performance incorporating a 24/7 study. Two of the world’s major clown teachers come together to merge each other’s techniques and their oprofessional experience in various forms of theatre & film, improvisation, character study, formulation of ideas into practice and more – to bring the understanding of that creative process to a total body integration and awareness.

Workshop space, Artmosfera.0000

-Working together means they double the impact of their power as transformation facilitators extraordinaires. This workshop is about reaching maximum potential, crossing personal borders, connecting with personal ability through the liberation of the creative life force in heart, mind, body and spirit by raising the participants’ personal frequency.

There will be no lists of formulas or specific menus of tricks to bypass the necessary work of connected, curious, dynamic beings. A way of self learning where the particpants discover and collect their own tools relevant to them on their path.

This will be an adventure of awakening: studio workshops, outdoor activities, flexible evening gatherings, character and creative assignments, will all coalesce to make this 7-day experience something truly special for professional performers and those would-be clowns seeking to refresh, reconnect, re-animate and explore the creative potential of continuing self-discovery.

Physical training, the importance of breathing techniques for body health, certain martial arts trainings for balance and energy flow, tribal and shamanistic excercises, games and improvisation to appease and release the inner child, character studies ending with a presentation of street and/or indoor performance.

About Jef

Jef Johnson hails from Texas but is based these days in Mexico.

A principal artist in the company of Slava’s Snowshow, (2005-2009 – Off Broadway, Broadway and International Tours).

Jef has also worked with Cirque du Soleil as clown animator, special artistic consultant and workshop director.

Founding director of Jef Johnson’s Clown Lab in New York City, he is also a master faculty member at Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona, Spain. He has served as Artistic Coordinator for the International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is Director of Faculty for l’Auguste Rendez-Vous and Auguste Studio, Montreal.

He has conducted over 500 workshops, worldwide. His workshops have been supported by grants from the Embassies of the USA and Spain, and many national and state departments of culture.

About Johnny

Johnny Melville was born in Leith, the port of Edinburgh, Scotland and lives in Barcelona.

He celebrates 2019 with a 46 year-anniversary in the professional Thespian arts. He has performed in over 40 countries, played leading roles in movies, written and directed 5 different solo shows, written and directed a plethora of short films, won Best Actor awards in New York and Russia for 2 different feature films and has taught countless workshop groups across the planet.

You can check his workshop CV here, testimonials here and his youtube channel.

Some of his past students include Chris Lynham, Clown Leandre, Carolina Dreaming, Karina K, Merche Ochoa, Loco Brusca, Ale Risorio, Potencia Clown and Laura Mandarina Muñoz…

About Artmósfera

Artmosfera is a space devoted to arts in its rural area, dedicated mainly to the creative education of the performing arts but also open to any discipline.

Located in the region of the Monegros (between Zaragoza and Huesca) and surrounded by fields of farmland ARTmósfera has a land of 3,000 square metres that houses various living spaces and ample wrk reooms for creation and training/

This ARTmósfera project recently won the Marcelino Award as the best initiative for the promotion of circus in Aragon due to our recent activity in rural areas.


Easter week – APRIL 14–21. 2019


€550 including workshop, lodging and food !!!!

Getting there


International travelers have options to Barcelona/Madrid/Bilbao. Then train, blablacar or car hire to Grañen. ARTmosfera is situated just outside the village of Grañen, 20 minutes drive from Huesca, 30 minutes drive from Zaragoza.

Rail services from Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona all stop at Grañen

Bus services stop at Huesca.

Download Bla Bla car app …car journeys costs around €20 Barcelona-Huesca.

Cycling is possible in 25-30 hours over 2-3 days.

Walking I would not recommend even if you live in Grañen.

What you get

Sleeping in the top floor of ARTmósfera building. Bunk beds are two or three in a room. Please bring sleeping bags or sheets as you wish.

Vegetarian food – breakfast, lunch and evening meal will be provided. There will be a bar to buy beer, cokes etc.

The program of learning will be 24 hours in the 7 day period, with rest / integration periods through the day. Nights sessions will also catered for with some dream workshops/ integration chambers of light, even night assignments.


Take action NOW and book before it is too late! If you have any questions please ask Berta or Nacho below…. to register and reserve your spot – click here

Artmosfera Arts Residence, A-1214, 22260 Grañén, Aragon, Spain Teléfonos/Whatsapp:
+34 610 961 292 (Berta)
+34 651 469 846 (Nacho)
Register & Payment information –

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