Comments on the Jef and Johnny Workshop 2019 (in Spanish, German, French , Danish & Swedish)

Johnny Melville & Jef Johnson return to ARTmosfera May 23 – 30, 2020 for another exciting workshop of the year !

In April 2019, 17 international performers – almost all professional clowns/dancers/actors – took part in a 7 day intensive with two of the leading clown teachers – American and Scottish – in the world.

Thanks Carolina Feliu for the blog photo, and filming the interviews below…. Here below are some comments by ten different international workshop members of the 2019 event. Each in their own language and what they mention about their own experience as they sum up their whole week is VERY positive.

For the ENGLISH comments click here


Malala from Spain speaks

Ivan from Spain speaks


Alberto from Spain speaks


Galatay from France speaks
Simon from Belgium speaks


Tamara from Germany speaks


Sandy from Holland speaks
Myrrhe from Holland speaks


Morten from Denmark speaks


Bodil from sweden speaks

In May 2023 – Johnny and Jef will be again working both separately and together with the group with themes which will connect to

  • Finding the funny
  • Political Correctness & how to deal with it
  • The sacred and the profane
  • Group energy
  • Personal energy & personal ‘programs’
  • Character Presentation

Recent quote from Jef Johnson –

This year, I will focus not only on the themes of connected creative discovery and expression but also on the chain of creative associations which most reveal our deeper sense of humor. The way we process the world, the way we compare experience and impulses to our rich personal history and combine it with what is happening in the moment, is our “humor.” “Finding the Funny” is about identifying comic relationship, value, association in every situation. It is also about remembering the joyfulness of sharing the ridiculous. The venue and location of Artmósfera provides the perfect opportunity for participants to escape the busy routine and discover new connections: with people from a range of cultures, with the self, with the immediate experience, with the imagination. A week long retreat. A gathering of artists and educators, healers and performers. A personal growth experience which will leave you feeling reconnected, motivated and inspired once again. Every moment we have the opportunity to make new relationships, to learn, to discover, to live fully. 

We accept all who want to take part whether you are professional or not. I enjoy the mix of experienced and inexperienced actors as all benefit from the difference. The experienced have to learn patience and egoless-ness, the inexperienced get to work with quality performers and therefore become more motivated.

Jef and I have more than 60 years teaching clown and theatre. Last year the students welcomed the diverse ways of teaching and thats is what I think is so rich about this course. Our tracks may differ yes but we both have the intent of arriving at the same station.

Jef Johnson talking to L’Auguste rendezvous, Montreal 2017

Our hosts – Berta and Nacho (Jorge) at ARTmosfera Rural Residence – in only the last couple of years have started to bring life back to the local area of Grañen and Monegros, near Huesca in Spain: with ideas and cultural projects, festival events and agency work they are making their mark on the Spanish cultural landscape. Charming and loving they are professional and do what they strive to be as close to perfection as they can and are both dedicated entertainers in their own way. The food will be GREAT, and the after day sessions full of music and dance.

This workshop will feature a last day performance of some kind for local public. Photos and videos will also be recording moments in the events and classes, copies passed on to all those participating. Plus some other surprises…

What are you waiting for? The classes will be extensive, the food fantastic, the location perfect, the weather very warm.

€750 is a deal !!! This is a very positive life- changer… I urge you to join and register as soon as possible.

Register here !!!!

We will also present another intensive from 23-30 August in Bulgaria.

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